A devastating impact in central Canada.

A mysterious plague, slowly spreading through the north.

Hushed whispers of strange unexplained events all around the world.

When the asteroid fell, the whole world shook. The size of a city, the celestial body left a crater 100 km in diameter and dug over 1 km into the icy ground of central Manitoba. Once the dust had settled, much of Canada was gone, wiped from the face of the planet by the monstrous impact or buried on an impenetrable layer of debris. World-wide relief efforts began, governments coming together in a moment of solidarity to help the battered and beleaguered nation through its time of crisis. They thought the worst was over, and that the period of rebuilding could begin.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Slowly, violence spread throughout the country, inexplicable acts of random brutality perpetrated by the very people the humanitarians had come to assist. The psychosis spread, perpetuated by unknown means, to all who came to the countries aid, and then, mercifully, what little life remained in that land of blood and death was snuffed out to suffer no more. All borders were closed, all media sources were instructed by their respective governments to remain quiet on what had been learned. For all intents and purposes, the once great nation had been scrubbed from existence over four short, blood-filled months. During that time, all around the world a great, slowly moving cloud of debris, thrown into the upper reaches of the atmosphere by the colossal asteroid, covered the world, gently depositing Canadian soil and extraterrestrial material on foreign shores.

That was almost half-a-year ago. Media from around the world screams of violence akin to what befell the late Canada. The National Guard and all military personnel have been recalled, leaving the third world to fend for itself. And now, word has trickled down from the northern US border that speaks of blood, violence, and the rotting stench of a million human corpses.

Welcome to the end of days.

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The Space-Borne Contagion

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