Character Creation and House Rules

This game is focused on the horror of surviving in a world gone mad. As such, characters will be created using the “Norm” rules:

  • 14 Attribute Points
  • 5 Points in Qualities and Up To 15 Points in Drawbacks
  • 30 Skill Points

Secondary Attributes will be calculated after your Primary Attributes have been determined:

  • Life points: Add Constitution and Strength together, multiply by four, and add 10 to the result. The formula is best written as ((Constitution + Strength) x 4) + 10.
  • Endurance Points: Add Constitution, Strength and Willpower together, multiply by three, and add 5 to the result. The formula is best written as ((Constitution + Strength + Willpower) x 3) + 5.
  • Speed: (Constitution + Dexterity) x 2 is the speed in miles per hour (for kilometers per hour change the multi-plier to 3). Half that amount is the number of yards (meters) that the character runs in a second.
  • Essence Pool: Add the character’s Primary Attributes together.

Qualities and Drawbacks

Your resources quality will determine what you are able to buy. Because of the survival focus that this game has, I’m going to want a fairly exact account of your inventories. If what you want is in one of the books, then the price and rarity given will be used, but if you want something that is NOT listed, then I will determine its cost and availability. Before play begins, I will need every player to give me an exact list of what their character will be carrying with them so I can calculate encumbrance for everyone.

I will be adding to this page as the game comes closer to its beginning, so stay tuned.

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Character Creation and House Rules

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